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Welcome to The Kratom Wholesalers

ATTENTION: We lost our ecommerce merchant account due to the bank changing their rules regarding kratom. We can still sell wholesale but will require a money order or can send you an invoice. Please email or use the contact form on this website. We can sell at the same prices in the product price list on this site. We are working to get another merchant account ASAP!

We are your top source for wholesale kratom, bulk kratom, private label kratom, and kratom drop shipping. If you are looking to buy kratom you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for ounces, kilos, or tons, we can serve your companies kratom needs.

Buy Kratom Wholesale

We sell pounds of kratom for $85 and have a great prices on extract too! We will ship via USPS and calulate shipping cost using the USPS module based on weight. All bulk kratom packages will be shipped priority mail, or by freight if it is a really large order. Right now we carry one strain of Kratom but it is the best we have ever seen. It comes in powder and we can sell it buy ounces, kilos, or tons. We will also have smaller amounts for sale on this site such as half ounces, ounces, two ounces, and more...These smaller amounts will mainly be for kratom drop shipping accounts. A drop shipping account doesn't have a minimum order, but must pay the $3.00 dropship fee per order, and be approved as a dropshipper. A dropshipper account should have a website, store, or means of selling kratom, whether it be on the internet, or offline.

Private Label Kratom

We can bag up kratom for you, in any amount, seal the package and place your companies label on the package. The average package usually consist of a ziplock type bag that seals. You have the opportunity to bag it up in eighths of power, half ounces, ounces, and more. We can get any size bag that you desire. We can also make kratom displays for placement in smoke shops and head shops, where the product definitely sells good. If you are already a product distributor to these types of shops, a private label kratom brand under your own company could be a very profitable venture. We can also hold inventory for your brand and ship the products for your website. All you have to do is sell. If you are interested in kratom manufacturing and having your own private label kratom brand developed, please feel free to contact us at anytime, we'd love to offer you the service.

Kratom Drop Shipping

We have an automated system in place that allows you to sell our kratom on your website. When you sign up you simply select "Dropship Account" and once in you will be able to go to your account configuration and upload your company/website logo, as well as your website address, phone number, address, facebook page, and twitter page urls. When you get an order to your site you simply log onto our site, input your customers name and shipping address in, and we will ship it out. We do not include any of our contact information, only yours, the package looks like your website/company shipped it. Our automated dropship management system automatically creates a packing slip, with your company logo on it, that we insert into every kratom drop ship package. At anytime you will be able to login to see the history and order status of any orders you have placed. You will get charged the wholesale price displayed on the site, the USPS weight calculated shipping rate(we can supply you with the weights to program into your shopping cart), as well as a $3.00 kratom drop ship fee to cover our packing materials and handling costs.

Become A Kratom Sales Rep (Coming Soon - Not Yet Available)

Interested in getting stores or websites to sign up for our wholesale kratom program? Or our kratom drop shipping program? Our automatic system will give you a sales rep affiliate tracking link such as - You can put this link on business cards(which you will be able to order when logged into your account) or you can email it to potential websites that you are trying to get to carry our wholesale kratom or sign up for our kratom drop shipping program. The system will track any orders of any wholesale customers or dropship customers you referred, and pay you an 8% sales commission for the life of the customer. So the more websites you can get carrying our products and signed up for our dropship program, the more money you will make.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about wholesale kratom, private label kratom manufacturing, kratom drop shipping, or becoming a kratom sales rep, please feel free to contact us at anytime.